Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Creating a Good Teen Model Portfolio

A portfolio is what sells any potential teen model to a modeling agency Singapore. They showcase what you can offer to the table and how good you are. However, no matter how good a model you are, with the wrong portfolio, you can draw potential agencies away. It is good to make your portfolio as good as you can; it acts as your advocate.

Photographs are what make the portfolio good; not literature. Your first step should be getting a professional photographer, they know how to create a good impression and make you look as good as a teen model as possible. Moreover, the hiring of a professional photographer will show the modeling agency that you are ready to spend both time and money on yourself.

Modeling agencies would love to have all your features at a close view. Have a few close plan photos of your head, top half of your body and a shot of your whole body. This will enable the teen model agency to know what you have got and where you can be suitable in. Distant photographs will not market you.

When making the photos or when booking a test shoot, you will be required to wear you own clothes and makeup. It is good to choose your best clothes that will show your figure perfectly. Take different outfits with you to change into when having the shots taken. Moreover, before the material day, it is good to practice looks that you are going to create in front of the camera. The looks should vary with different wear and poses.

Having a chaperon could help you a lot in the studio. No matter how reputable the studio is, some photographers might exploit you because you will actually be a teen model and convince you to take low quality photos all in the guise that they are okay. A chaperon will help you make decisions on the different settings and how good the photos are. Never go alone for a photo shooting.

The nature of the photograph matters a lot. Do not make your photos look sexy or provocative. This style is only allowed for mature models but so long as you are an under 18, this stunts will definitely draw the teen modeling agency away. They will be perceived as lack of good manners. Try and be as official as you can.

Neatness in the arrangement of the portfolio is the final determinant of whether you are worth of the position or not. It is advisable to have a professional do the arrangement for you. In modeling, whatever behavior you present portrays what is in your mind. Try and be a smart teen model in every way.

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